Not a winner…but still darn proud

The “Katrina 10” project did not take home “The Rube” statuette at yesterday’s Deadline Club awards dinner. We were in amazing company though, up against a team from The Guardian U.S. that produced “The Counted” about the true number of people killed by law enforcement officials in the U.S. each year, and the Associated Press, […]

New Audubon clip now live

A newly proposed rule would loosen protection for eagles in the United States: It might soon be legal to kill 4,200 Bald Eagles a year. Here’s why federal scientists think that’s okay. I wrote about this issue for the website of Audubon magazine. It went live May 10, 2016. Read it here.

Deadline Club finalist

The team that worked on “Katrina 10,” a special report about New Orleans a decade after the historic storm, is a finalist in the 2015 Deadline Club awards in the category of Multimedia, Interactive Graphics and Animation. This project was a group effort, with help from Katy Reckdahl, Annie Hauser, Bob Marshall, Steve Beatty, […]