Loon Lake

How one photographer captured his award-winning underwater shot of a loon. (January 2012, online only)

PVC Pipes Can Make Great Legs

With some innovative thinking, one Florida rehab facility gave six injured sandhill cranes a walking chance. (January 2012, online only)

Population Health Pays Off

A population healthcare mentality seems to be seeping into hospitals, leading them to edit their playbooks. Institutions large and small, some with thousands of patients, others with millions, are succeeding at using this strategy to treat many patient-plaguing ailments.

Rainbow Connection

When Phoebe Steinfeld lost her father to cancer in 2009, she decided to wanted to do something to help other struggling families. So she created Color Me Cured to honor her dad’s go-getter spirit. To date, she’s created seven eco-friendly polishes with great names like Glimmer of Hope and Orange You Glad.

Time to Get Social

More than 700 hospitals have Facebook pages, 674 have Twitter accounts, and 448 have YouTube channels. As of January 2011, more than 900 hospitals were using 3,000+ social networking sites. Here, three tips to start incorporating social media.

A Telestroke of Genius

Telestroke services—providing stroke care expertise via video teleconferencing from a central hub hospital to one far away—greatly increases the chances a patient who needs a blood-thinning drug will get it in time. Here, five keys to telestroke success.

The Growth of the Physician CEO

At academic medical centers, doctors have long filled the CEO role. Private and community hospitals are starting to follow suit—and reaping the benefits.

The American Nightmare

James Howard Kunstler doesn’t hold back and he’s got an open forum to speak his mind: his weekly podcast. His focus is suburban sprawl, but he also talks about whatever news graces the moment’s headlines. (CJR.org, October 16, 2008)

Do Green Issues Make Green?

How do green issues perform? In a less-than-scientific comparison to regular issues, it’s clear these editions do attract attention. (CJR.org, June 17, 2008)

Green Thumb: Sports

The push for environmentally friendly stadiums, arenas, and teams gives journalists a rare opportunity: to use sports puns and environment puns in the same sentence. (CJR.org, May 5, 2008)