Nurse Quality Check

Hospitals with the highest-ranked nurses hold accountable these caregivers and measure their success against internal and national standards.

Group Medical Appointments Get Another Look

In a shared medical appointment, 8 to 10 patients with a common denominator—a chronic condition such as diabetes, or elderly adults in need of a road map to aging well—see the doctor together for a long visit, often 90 minutes. This model, around since the mid-1990s, is now getting more attention.

Population Health Pays Off

A population healthcare mentality seems to be seeping into hospitals, leading them to edit their playbooks. Institutions large and small, some with thousands of patients, others with millions, are succeeding at using this strategy to treat many patient-plaguing ailments.

Time to Get Social

More than 700 hospitals have Facebook pages, 674 have Twitter accounts, and 448 have YouTube channels. As of January 2011, more than 900 hospitals were using 3,000+ social networking sites. Here, three tips to start incorporating social media.

A Telestroke of Genius

Telestroke services—providing stroke care expertise via video teleconferencing from a central hub hospital to one far away—greatly increases the chances a patient who needs a blood-thinning drug will get it in time. Here, five keys to telestroke success.

The Growth of the Physician CEO

At academic medical centers, doctors have long filled the CEO role. Private and community hospitals are starting to follow suit—and reaping the benefits.